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Laundry for Strangers: One Woman's Descent Into and Out of Madness 3/23 7PM Bozeman Public Library

Wednesday Feb. 17th, 2016

Veronica Lane Books, Venice CA is pleased to announce a discussion with Timothy J. Tate, Archetypal Therapist and his client artist Jacqueline Rieder Hud, moderated by publisher Etan Boritzer. The discussion will relate the soul’s journey deep into the fearsome darkness of the human unconscious as experienced by Ms. Rieder Hud.

Veronica Lane Books recently released the book Laundry for Strangers as the artistic and literary record of that disturbing sojourn by Ms. Rieder Hud. Mr. Tate and Ms. Rieder Hud will retell parts of the art and therapeutic process that helped her survive the precipitous descent into what is commonly called madness.

How the ascent out of her personal hell was achieved will also be discussed. The relevance of psychological archetypes, dreams, art, sex and fury figure prominently into the recounting of this extraordinary passage across the precipitous fault lines of the human psyche.  

There will be a Q & A after the talk.

About the Event Participants

Jacqueline Rieder Hud is an expressionist painter who has journaled her dream life for over thirty years. She has been a professional artist exhibiting her art works in Montana and nationally for over 40 years. In Jacqueline’s words,  "The process of going inward to intuit the way to one's personal vision, to the creative radiance, has a tonality of wildness and surrender to it.  I see this dynamic within the psychic cauldron as a mirror of the instinctual forces expressing themselves in continuum in the Wholeness of Nature and in the larger Wilderness without."

Timothy J. Tate has been in psychotherapy practice for the past 34 years. He co-created The Montana Men’s Foundation, and has lectured extensively on Archetypal Therapy. Timothy loves the ineffable mystery of life, renews through hiking in the mountains, trailer camping, golfing, fly fishing, and hosting a weekly radio show of indie music on

Etan Boritzer is the founder and publisher of Veronica Lane Books, Venice CA. The company was started in 1992 using the slogan “Books That Make a Difference.” Etan is himself a bestselling author of 14 children’s books, now published in 16 languages. He teaches four yoga classes a week also.