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September Cover Artist: Casey Norris

Casey Norris, a New Zealand native has called Bozeman home for the past five years. “I’ve found my place here in Montana. The landscapes and wildlife are a great source of inspiration for my painting and photography and I love the…

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Top 10 Breakfasts to Find in Bozeman

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Lucky for you Bozeman has amazing breakfast options outside of your kitchen. Get out and explore the Bozeman Food Scene and find your next favorite spot to enjoy eggs, bacon, waffles, bagels,…

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Colombo’s Pizza and Pasta

America’s love affair with pizza has deep roots. What started as a favorite dish for soldiers stationed in Italy during World War II has become a Friday-night favorite to families across the entire nation. We worship pizza, attach the…

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Living Local

What You Don’t Eat May Kill You!

Food is a very big part of our culture. We eat food many times for reasons other than health and nourishment. We have many comfort foods that we consume during special occasions and sometimes for just random fun, like ice cream and cake.…

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Real Estate

Bozeman Real Estate Market Report

While this column generally focuses on the Bozeman Real Estate market, Belgrade is also an important market to watch, so I thought it would be helpful to take a look back and see how the market there has fared lately.From the first of the…

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Letter From the Editor

What Is Bozeman Magazine About?

In August I was asked several times what Bozeman Magazine is about. I guess I thought it was obviously about Bozeman, but I get that maybe the questioners were looking for more than the obvious answer. Bozeman Magazine is full of information…

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Historic Bozeman
Screen & Stage

Verge Theater 2017-2018 Season!

Every August we at Verge Theater regroup, after our 11 month Season, and contemplate existence, our place in the world, and of course the next season. So, after much thought, here is our 2017-2018 season lineup. Go to for…

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