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Cover Artist: Elysia Crockett

Elysia Crockett is a designer originally from Missoula, Montana, although she has been settling her roots in Bozeman, Montana, where she graduated from MSU with BFA in Graphic Design.Elysia has a strong passion for design and illustration,…

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Dave's Sushi

It's Always A Party At Dave’s!

My Midwestern family loves sushi. I never thought that would be a sentence I could truthfully write. Had I been writing this article a year ago, I couldn’t begin this way. Growing up in Iowa, you don’t get a chance for much sushi.…

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Living Local

Top 10 Bozeman Landmarks

I’ll admit it: This was a tough one to write. Bozeman is such a unique place that it is hard to name just ten things that qualify as distinctly, quintessentially Bozeman. With a little help from my friends, I’ve come up with the…

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Cruisin’ For a Cause

Nathan Harmon is from a small town in Northeastern Montana called Bainville. He came to Bozeman in the 1990s to study architecture at MSU and never left. He’s been interested in cars ever since he was little.  His dad, David, spoke…

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What Was Harvest Fusion?

Harvest Fusion is a multi-day festival located in Amsterdam, Montana, the 2017 event took place June 30th - July 2nd. Medicine Pouch Farm has created an outdoor venue on a beautiful 160-acre farm 40 miles outside Bozeman. The festival was…

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Skin Safety For Your Outdoor Fun

Summer is the best time to be in Bozeman! We rarely have days so hot we are confined to air-conditioned spaces, and it’s easy to find a lot of outdoor recreation to keep us busy and active! Being outside, however, has its risks that we…

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Real Estate

Bozeman Real Estate Market Report

As I write this, it is hot out! 95 degrees in the sun. And the Real Estate market is remaining just as hot. We’re now over half way through the year, and I thought it prudent to take a look back at the first 6 months of 2017 and see how…

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Letter From the Editor

August is for Fun

August is an especially busy month in Bozeman: summer is going strong, back to school is ramping up, MSU students are coming back and visitors continue to make their way through town and surrounding areas. No matter the reason you picked up…

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