Reptiles: The Beautiful & the Deadly

Reptiles have enduring appeal, and this interactive zoological exhibition will bring you eye to eye with 15 living species from around the world. Deadly snakes, colorful lizards, unusual turtles, and rugged crocodilians are exhibited in naturalistic habitats. You can “milk” a viper, learn to speak croc in under five minutes, and test your knowledge with “Turtle Trivia” or “Lizard Wizard.”

Cost: Included with admission

Age: All Ages


Every Day until May. 22, 9am-5pm; Every Day from May. 23 to Sep. 7, 8am-6pm; Every Day from Sep. 13 to Sep. 13, 9am-5pm; Every Day from Sep. 8 to Sep. 11, 9am-5pm

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