Sushi Rolling Course

Learn how to make basic maki rolls, including uramaki stye (rice out). How to make and prepare ingredients to roll will be glanced over in order to provide more hands-on rolling time. Topics covered will be: Handling Rice, what good rice should feel like, and proper portioning Adding rice to Nori. Techniques and ways to develop speed and stay clean Proper ingredient placement inside the rolls, as well as flavors to pair with fish Shaping Rolls. What they should look like, and use of the rolling mat (maki su) Cutting! Go over proper cutting techniques since it varies greatly from western style cutting How to plate sushi like a professional Demonstrate some more advanced techniques used to make rolls with fish on top, or avocado. Sushi is a cuisine that takes decades to master, but with a little hands on guidance most can make simple rolls that may even surpass restaurant quality. "Raised in a kitchen heavily influenced by Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cuisine, one could say that Eric Bee has finally found his way home with his latest business venture. The Chicago native found his way to Big Sky country in the fall of 2006 to study Engineering at Montana State University. At that point Bee was already an accomplished snowboarder but passion for the outdoors and music quickly supplanted the traditional route to adulthood with an adventure filled path that saw him tour with his band, compete in mountain biking circuits, and travel the world with friends and family. Bee's drive for success and incredible work ethic have not waned through the adventure but rather served as the mechanism that allowed him to constantly learn and collect inspiration along the way. Adding a personal take on traditional fare from Hawai'i to South America, Eric Bee is successfully mastering the fusion of his passions and over 15 years of sushi experience for the world to enjoy." -Josh Iokua Ikaikaloa Mori

Cost: $40

Age: 16+

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 Melissa Kuchynka

Gallatin Gateway School
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