Epi-What? A non-science intro to Epigenetics & why it matters for your health & well-being

Every choice, every experience in your life, contributes to the state of your health. The study of Epigenetics highlights the complexities of health and our interconnectedness with our history. The "stories behind your symptoms" hold the key to the Why of any health issue AND a How to resolve it. Get an intro to Epigenetics, or the Memory of the World in your Genes. Explore the possibility of changing things about your body and your health that you might have believed are predetermined or fixed. Learn how BodyTalk BodyMind Medicine can facilitate these changes now to influence symptoms of: * Toxicity * Immune dysfunction including allergies & autoimmunity * Obesity * Hormonal imbalances * Disconnection from self Jenna Caplette, LMT, of BodyMind Spirit Healthcare. Jenna has studied “Masters” level Epigenetics with Dr. Laura Stuve, DNA Intuitive, and weaves a focus on Epigenetics in to her BodyMind Spirit practice. The presentation begins at 6:30 PM in the large conference room of the Bozeman Public Library, includes a short video, lecture and time for questions.

Cost: FREE

Age: 18+


This event is over.

Mon. Apr. 15, 2019   6:30-8pm

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