Photo 102 + 103: Intermediate Photo and Drills & Skills

Find out how resolution, ISO, zoom, exposure, focus, composition, exposure modes, basic and advanced white balance, metadata and histograms and apply to real picture taking situations. The intermediate-level class is open to owners of cameras that accept interchangeable lenses, rather than point and shoot users. Photo 103: Hands-on Drills & Skills (Night Two) Do you hit the wall when it’s time to put your camera into action? Literally hit the wall? You’ve read the books, drudged through the manual, practiced and practiced again. How do you build the foundation to make it over the top? There’s nothing like hands-on shooting with a great guide that has a sense of play. Have you tried dueling cameras? You will when you join F-11 Photo’s Jon Shaver to take the boring out of the basics and rejuvenate your joy of photography.

Cost: $25

Age: 18+


This event is over.

Every Day until Sep. 20, 6-8pm

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