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Montana Shakes! comes to the Children's Museum

For one day only, Montana Shakes! and Children's Museum Bozeman are joining forces to bring you a rare, public performance of All the West's a Stage: The Tempest.

Come to the Children's Museum Bozeman on Saturday, May 5th at 11am and join us! This 40-minute play is intended for our younger audiences, ages 4 through 10! The performance itself is free and is included with your admission to the Museum.

The Play
The newest member of Montana Shakes! acting troupe is Samantha Sweetgrace. She does all the crummy jobs like taking care of the costumes and sweeping the stage. While getting ready for the show, Samantha has an accident and the whole world is suddenly turned upside down. William Shakespeare himself appears out of nowhere to work on his play, The Tempest!

While pretending to be shipwrecked on an island, Sam gets swept up in the action, stumbling into a monster named Caliban, a wizard named Prospero, and invisible spirits who make mischief. The only way they are going to make their way through this crazy storm is by learning what it takes to tell a story and find their way to the conclusion!

New Exhibit!
While you're there, check out CMB's newest exhibit, It's a Bug's World! Wander through the giant grass forest, build your own bug, test your skills in the hex bug maze, check out the insect web cam, and get a close up view of live ants, crickets, and hissing cockroaches.

Cost: Free with admission or membership

For More Information
 (406) 522-9087

Children's Museum of Bozeman
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