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Tours for Tots

Continuing our efforts to introduce preschoolers to the wonders of museum learning, this special series of tours examines different areas of MOR with an early education focus. Each program offers a chance to ask questions and explore with a hands-on activity, art project, and related story.

Cost: Included with admission


Tue. Apr. 3 10-11am

Wed. Apr. 4 2-3pm

Thu. Apr. 5 10-11am

Tue. Apr. 17 10-11am

Wed. Apr. 18 2-3pm

Thu. Apr. 19 10-11am

Tue. May. 1 10-11am

Wed. May. 2 2-3pm

Thu. May. 3 10-11am

Tue. May. 15 10-11am

Wed. May. 16 2-3pm

Thu. May. 17 10-11am

Tue. May. 29 10-11am

Wed. May. 30 2-3pm

Thu. May. 31 10-11am

Tue. Jun. 12 10-11am

Wed. Jun. 13 2-3pm

Thu. Jun. 14 10-11am

Tue. Jun. 26 10-11am

Wed. Jun. 27 2-3pm

Thu. Jun. 28 10-11am

Tue. Jul. 10 10-11am

Wed. Jul. 11 2-3pm

Thu. Jul. 12 10-11am

Tue. Jul. 24 10-11am

Wed. Jul. 25 2-3pm

Thu. Jul. 26 10-11am

Tue. Aug. 7 10-11am

Wed. Aug. 8 2-3pm

Thu. Aug. 9 10-11am

Tue. Aug. 21 10-11am

Wed. Aug. 22 2-3pm

Thu. Aug. 23 10-11am

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