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Yoga and Video Art Immersion event

This will be a one of a kind experience! Artist Ethan will be doing a live liquid show during the class. He works with liquid colors on a OHP projector and a second projection will come from a live camera feed. Real time images will be projected on to the wonderful seamless wall of the Foundry.
The underground space will be transformed into a unique space where Vandana will lead a relaxing yoga class. As you move from pose to pose our bodies will enter the live artscapes and your senses will be immersed in this unique mind - body interaction. Musician Keegan Bowen will also be improvising with the yogis and projections and will play the violin as well as the 'surbahar' live during the class.
This is the first such experimentation in Bozeman ever! We are excited to be doing this unique collaboration and bringing it to Bozeman.
Come check out this yoga and art immersion during after hours at the foundry. It promises to be a terrific night. The class will be filmed live. $25 per person. Feel free to stay and play with us after :)

Prana Buzz aims to create community by bringing yoga and art to unconventional spaces. Prana is the universal life force that resides amongst everyone regardless of race, gender, class or ethnicity.

Cost: $25

For More Information
 (406) 579-6797

The Foundry
16 S Tracy Ave
Bozeman, MT 59715