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The Emperor's New Clothes

Under the Direction of consummate funny man Todd Hoberecht, lots of hilarity is in store when Peter, the mischievous tailor, comes up with his sure-fire get rich quick scheme--to embarrass the vain Emperor and make off with a basket of gold! Peter uses all his wit and magic to convince the court he can make magic clothes! Only those who are very smart can see the clothes, he tells them, so everyone pretends they can see the clothes until... Someone in the audience shouts out the truth!

The Emperor's New Clothes runs at 2pm on Saturdays from March 25-April 29. It's only $7 for an hour of family fun. Reservations online at or in person at Cactus Records. Verge Theater is located at 2304 N. 7th Ave, across from Murdoch's, on the extremely happy North Side of Bozeman.


Every Saturday until Apr. 29, 2pm;

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Verge Theater
2304 N. 7th Ave
Bozeman, MT 59715