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Rachel Hergett is a Montana Native, the former Bozeman Chronicle “Get Out” editor, and hosts the Magic Monday show on KGLT public radio.

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Tue. Oct. 1st, 2019

Modern Sons: The Weird Years

Rachel Hergett

In the four years since the release of “Moon Raccoon,” Bozeman-based rock band, Modern Sons, has not been treading water. An experimental EP release, lineup turmoil, and simply being human in the modern age left room for a new…

Sat. Apr. 1st, 2017

The Scoop Bar: Rebelling Against And Embracing The Future

Rachel Hergett

In 1977, brothers Jerry and Gary Davis saw an ad in the Sunday paper about a bar for sale. Not knowing it was the Scoop Bar, where Gary had once been a bartender and then helped remodel and expand in 1976, the brothers inquired. By September,…

Wed. Feb. 1st, 2017

Top 10 Bozeman Valentine’s Day Hot Spots

Rachel Hergett

In February, we celebrate love, and particularly those we love. Our list of hot spots to spend Valentine’s Day features places to reconnect, to unwind, and most importantly, enjoy each other. As love knows no bounds, the ways we…