Phil Knight


Preferring the solitude of mountains & rivers and the company of his wife & cats to the hustle & bustle of ‘boomtown’ Phil has traveled 6 continents & been arrested 4 times.

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Fri. Feb. 1st, 2019

The Gallatin Range: Bozeman's Big Back Yard

by Phil Knight

Next time you look south of Bozeman to the mountains that border our beautiful valley, consider what you are seeing.  Rising in a riotous mass of sharp peaks, craggy ridges and vast alpine plateaus, split by steep canyons, decorated…

Tue. Mar. 1st, 2016

An Unplanned Night on The Frigid Heights

by Phil Knight

Even though I had never endured an unplanned bivouac, I knew the clues. I saw it coming. I could feel it, could taste the bitter tang in the air that spoke of cramps, shivering and dehydration, of bones aching against unyielding rock, mouth…

Tue. Dec. 1st, 2015

The Case of the Stolen Citation

by Phil Knight

I’ve gone through many cars, and just last year my wife and I bought our first new one. But one car stands out.My generous parents presented me with this most excellent ride in 1992. The Chevy Citation was a not-so-classic of its day,…

Tue. Dec. 1st, 2015

The Pursuit of Peace & Powder

by Phil Knight

Silence. When was the last time you heard it? Do we even know what it is any more? To me, silence is not a lack of sound; it is the presence of only natural sound. The hush of falling snow, tickling your cheeks, making tiny tack tack sounds…