Kathleen Melee


Kathleen Melee, writer, teacher, researcher, and 4H mom, was a college, foreign-languages textbook editor in San Francisco for many years before working briefly at MSU from 1998-2000, and returning to Bozeman permanently in 2014. She played violin for 16 years as a hobby, starting in 7th grade, and holds a Master of Art degree in Critical Theory/Studio Art from New York University. Reach her at: kathleen.melee@gmail.com

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Wed. Mar. 1st, 2017

Liquid Courage: Discovering the New West by the Glass

by Kathleen Melee

Too much of anything is bad, but too much whiskey is never enough. – Mark Twain In the Old West, cow punchers were advised: “Always drink your whiskey with your gun hand to show your good intentions.” 5th generation…

Wed. Feb. 1st, 2017

I SEE YOU: Cole and the Thornes Live in the Moment

by Kathleen Melee

“I could use a friend to walk with me and sing . . .”     - Sean Hayes (“Honeybees Falling”) Cupid’s turbulent month offers sweet respite from the quest when Cole and the Thornes give you love in…

Fri. Sep. 2nd, 2016

Interview With A Maestro

by Kathleen Melee

Many people learn how to talk, but they don’t learn how to listen. Listening to one another is an important thing in life. And music tells us how to do that. [Molte persone imparano come parlare ma non come ascoltare. Ascoltare il…