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Ashley Nettles is a Bozeman native that enjoys all the outdoors has to offer. She can be contacted at

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Thu. Nov. 1st, 2018

Top 10 Places to Volunteer (Doses of Grateful)

Ashley Nettles

I’ll be honest. When I’m stuck in a line of cars backed up to the M on a Bridger pow day, I’m not grateful. Not even a little bit. There have been some occasions when I have decided that cold smoke or no cold smoke this zoo…

Tue. Sep. 4th, 2018

Money Come Money Go

Ashley Nettles

You can literally stand in front of her, waving a fist full of hundos, saying ‘I’ll buy you whatever you want’, and she’ll stand there panic stricken like you’re waving a dead rat in her face.” James bursts…

Sun. Jul. 1st, 2018

Take Me To The River...

Ashley Nettles

Air conditioning used to be unheard of in Montana. There was absolutely no reason to have it since you might use it once or twice a year. Most houses around here are still not built with A/C. But there’s no doubt it’s getting…

Sun. Apr. 1st, 2018

Equal Pay Day

Ashley Nettles

Let’s imagine for a minute that your neighbor works at the same office as you. Same job, same duties, same hours. You have the same amount of experience and productivity. And in order to make as much as your neighbor did in the last…

Wed. Feb. 28th, 2018

The State of Your Fun(ds)

photos by Zach Hoffman, by Ashley Nettles

Raise your hand if you made a financial New Year’s resolution. Raise your hand if your best intentions already seem like a faded memory. Found an incredibly cheap ticket to Ireland that completely threw a monkey wrench into your budget?…

Thu. Feb. 1st, 2018

Saving With Streamline

Ashley Nettles

You are sooo lucky to have all this public transportation; there’s NOTHING in Montana.” I find myself saying this when visiting friends and family in large cities. It all seems so easy. Uber, Lyft, buses, trains, trams, Car2Go,…