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Angela Jamison is on the marketing team at Bozeman Real Estate Group.

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Sat. Aug. 1st, 2020

Top 10 Classic Bozeman Businesses

Angie Jamison

Western CafeThis one is getting a fresh burst of popularity thanks to the younger generations having found out about it.  It’s also where everyone wants to bring visitors to give them the “Montana” experience. …

Wed. Jul. 1st, 2020

Bozeman’s Choice Top 10 Places with Patios

Angie Jamison, photographer, author by Lindsey Hove

In the past few years, we’ve seen a surge in outdoor seating options in Bozeman, and it’s not just limited to downtown. There are restaurants, cafes, breweries and bars all over Bozeman with outdoor patios for us to enjoy.…