December Cover Artist: Cristina Marian

Sunday Dec. 1

Originally from Romania, Cristina Marian moved to the United States in 2013 and feels like Bozeman is her home now. She divides her time between working in the studio, exhibiting her artwork and pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree at…

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Cash on Cash Versus Cap Rate

by Tim Ford  |  Sunday Dec. 1

For those who invest in real estate or are looking to invest in real estate, there are certain key numbers that are useful to examine a potential investment’s return. Two of the most commonly used numbers to calculate rates of return…

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Blueprint in Bozeman

Andrew Jefferis  |  Sunday Dec. 1

As far as my understanding on homelessness went, my knowledge on the issue wasn’t as full as it is now. I grew up in Connecticut, which has the greatest “achievement gap” in the country. To be frank, Connecticut’s…

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Stewards of our Spaces

Montana Grant  |  Sunday Dec. 1

Earth is becoming a more crowded place. Our personal spaces are gradually getting smaller. Urban folks have way less space than us Montanans. No matter how much space you have, we all have something in common. No one wants to have spaces that…

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Bah Humbug! A Christmas Carol 2019

Kevin Brustuen  |  Sunday Dec. 1

A Christmas Carol, the famous story by Charles Dickens, comes to The Ellen Theatre December 6 through December 22. Dickens first conceived of this story as a pamphlet meant to speak out against the conditions that led to poor children being…

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December at the Filling Station

by Brian Ripple  |  Sunday Dec. 1

December is typically a slower month for live music in Bozeman, but this year might actually be an exception. There are events happening all over town this year and at the Filling Station especially. The first weekend of the month we will…

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The Club Tavern & Grill

Elizabeth Anderson  |  Sunday Dec. 1

The Club Tavern & Grill is located inside the Best Western Plus Grantree Inn. It’s well known as a local favorite restaurant and long-time family friendly upscale sports bar destination in Bozeman and is as dependable as a place of service…

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What's Your Beef? This is Normal

by Kris Drummond  |  Sunday Dec. 1

We live in a culture that cultivates the art of pretending not to know. This could be one definition of privilege. In playing along, we the privileged beneficiaries of the system avert our eyes from injustice, greed, and inhumanity to take up…

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Gift Local Experiences

by Angie Ripple  |  Sunday Dec. 1

Sometimes things don’t work out. And it’s okay. I thought I had a great idea to include a Give Experiences and Good Gift Guide in this issue of Bozeman Magazine. The intention was good; it was the execution that fell flat. When…

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3rd Quarter Real Estate Update

by Tim Ford  |  Friday Nov. 1

The first round of winter has come a little early to Bozeman this year. While many skiers are getting excited, others in town are hoping we have a little more fall before winter really socks in. Even with the cooler weather, the Bozeman Real…

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Building Towers by Rolling Dice

Exploring and Understanding Mental Health with Logan Rosenstein

Christie Selensky  |  Friday Nov. 1

Building Towers by Rolling Dice tells the story of Tyler, a young man navigating the trials and tribulations of high school and early adulthood while struggling with depression and anxiety. Initially intended as a private gift for a loved one…

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