February 2014

Frank's Gourmet Grill & Deli

A True Bozeman Gem

Ashlee Yerrick

I remember the first time I walked by Frank’s – it was during the summer of 2012. I flew in from Portland and my dad from Indiana, and we’d planned a little father-daughter vacation to Bozeman. We didn’t go inside of…

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Adios Main Street, Hola Baxter Lane

I’ve always loved full-flavored, authentic Mexican food, and I’m fairly certain that I could eat an avocado every single day of my life. Everything from burritos to tamales to flan, there’s really no mexi-style food dish…

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Rice: A Taste of Thai

Bozeman is many things, but a mecca of ethnic food is not the first thing that comes to mind. This is burgers and steak country – the land of the perfectly grilled ribeye, the locally brewed draft beer. The last few years have seen a…

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Bozeman Coffee Roundup

I often marvel at the number of independent coffee shops in Bozeman. They line the streets, each with a welcoming door open to passersby. Each has their place – students looking for a place to study, young professionals meeting with…

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Dave’s Sushi

Sushi is served family style. It is meant to be shared, our waiter instructs… This evening turns out to be quite educational, and this is lesson number one. Keeping this information in mind, my group of friends and I bury our heads in…

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Over The Tapas

Wandering downtown Bozeman, it is easy to find a burger, pizza, bistro and pub fare, and even authentic Mexican and Mediterranean, but you might not expect to find a tapas bar in the middle of a remote American ski town. However, “Over…

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I-Ho’s Korean Grill

Get Schooled, Korean Style Imagine a delectable little Korean oasis in the midst of meat and potatoes country. If you’re looking for a meal that takes you east of the Bridgers guarding our mountain valley, past American shores, past the…

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