June 2019

My Beefs

The world is supposedly becoming more helpful. When I needed to know how to balance my ceiling fan, I went to YouTube.When I had a question about medication side effects, I turned to the Mayo Clinic web site.Power steering on my van gives me…

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April 2019

My Beef

by Kris Drummond

Last month I paid almost a thousand dollars, flew across the country, and drove four hours to sleep in a tent and tell strangers the truth. For five days, we woke with the sun beneath the pale blue Sonoran desert sky and gathered at the…

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October 2018

The Mountains Are Calling

The mug on the shelf in the kitchen of our Air BnB bore John Muir’s famous words, “The mountains are calling and I must go.” None of us drank out of that mug during our stay at Big Sky, Montana, but it sat there on the…

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