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December 2018

A Chambers-Fisher Company Christmas

by Rachel Phillips

In November and December of 1955, the local newspapers were filled with large advertisements from Chambers-Fisher Company. Sometimes comprising an entire page, these ads featured illustrations of popular Christmas gifts and catchy phrases…

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November 2018

Sixteen Names on a Plaque

The Mortal Toll of the First World War at Montana State College

Just inside the main west entry of the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse is a plaque at the top of which is the text:  “THESE STUDENTS OF MONTANA STATE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND MECHANIC ARTS GAVE THEIR LIVES IN DEFENSE OF HUMANITY IN THE…

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September 2018

Gallatin Agricultural History

by Cindy Shearer

With increasing conversations about growth and development, we should not forget our agricultural heritage, and the sustaining benefits we continue to enjoy today, including our scenic views and open spaces.The earliest explorers remarked…

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July 2018

Hunter's Hot Springs

The Forgotten Opulence of a Bygone Era

by Cindy Shearer

Long before any emigrants came to the Northwest, Native Americans would carry their sick to the place that would later become known as Hunter’s Hot Springs, 20 miles east of Livingston, to bathe in and drink the hot and healing waters.…

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