June 2019

Escape From the Jail!

by Kelly Hartman

On the morning of December 22, 1911, all were surprised to find that six prisoners had escaped from the brand new $35,000 jail, which had been believed to be “escape proof.” The individual cells holding the prisoners were not…

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March 2019

Remarkable Bozeman Women

Standing Tall & Strong

by Rachel Phillips

March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of all American women. Throughout history, countless local ladies have lent their expertise, talents, and time to make our region and community a…

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January 2019

The Lasting Legacies of Walter Cooper

Prospector, Freighter, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Public Leader, Empire Builder

by Cindy Shearer

Walter Cooper was born Independence Day, 1843, in Sterling, New York, the third of six sons to Andrew and Sarah Cooper. By 1845 they had moved to Shiawassee County, Michigan, where tragedy struck the family in 1851 when a boat carrying Andrew…

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December 2018

A Chambers-Fisher Company Christmas

by Rachel Phillips

In November and December of 1955, the local newspapers were filled with large advertisements from Chambers-Fisher Company. Sometimes comprising an entire page, these ads featured illustrations of popular Christmas gifts and catchy phrases…

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November 2018

Sixteen Names on a Plaque

The Mortal Toll of the First World War at Montana State College

Just inside the main west entry of the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse is a plaque at the top of which is the text:  “THESE STUDENTS OF MONTANA STATE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND MECHANIC ARTS GAVE THEIR LIVES IN DEFENSE OF HUMANITY IN THE…

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