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December 2015

Imagine a Cowboy Xmas...

Imagine a morning during the Christmas season where family and friends come together to enjoy the spirit of Christmas in a setting dating back to an earlier century. Imagine walking into the awesome foyer of the elegant, historic Gallatin…

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November 2014

Cats vs. Griz 2014

The Brawl of the Wild is Montana’s biggest rivalry in sports.

Jack Thorsen

The Brawl of the Wild is Montana’s biggest rivalry in sports. Montana and Montana State. It started in 1897 the first chance for either team to win bragging rights in Montana, it’s said you are either a Bobcat or a Grizzly, no in…

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Musical Theatre and Comedy Improv for Kids

Children’s Classes on the Verge! Musical Theatre and Comedy Improv for Kids: These fun and educational classes are for kids in grades 1-6. Kids are welcome to try a class on the first day before committing to the session! Call Erin at…

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Comedy Improv Classes for Kids

Saturday morning classes for grades 1-7 start THIS Saturday, March 26th. Nine week session. Musical Theatre: Students work on a fully staged Broadway or Disney Musical number! Grades 1-3 10-11 am Grades 4-7 11am-12pm Comedy Improvisation:…

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Kid’s Coloring Page

Send your colored page to and we will post it here for you and your family and friends to enjoy! We live in Estes Park, Colorado and just visited Bozeman for our son’s wedding on 1/1/11.  During a wait at…

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