Three Ways to Host a Montana Wedding

Sunday Apr. 1st, 2018

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the details, the trends, and the “should be doings,” but in the end, it’s all about a couple’s design taste. Throughout the past few years, a variety of wedding styles have emerged in Montana. Here are three of the most frequently approached designs for couples in Montana.

Rustic Chic

The most popular design characteristic of Montana brides, Rustic Chic encompasses the Montana lifestyle. This design style focuses on elements of the outdoors including textures, wood elements, greenery and fabrics. Montana has become synonymous with rustic in that many of the venues specialize in down-home atmosphere. Casual and inviting, yet classy. A Rustic Chic wedding probably involves a chuckwagon dinner (buffet style, of course) and the Father of the Bride hosting Pendleton on the rocks for the bridal party. Don’t be turned off by the mason jars used as vases for the bridal bouquets, the cowboy jitterbug later in the evening will make this evening a night to remember.

New Chic
Take a fun loving couple, add a barn, and some of their own innovations. What makes new chic a popular way of weddings in Montana is the nod towards Western culture, but also the comfortable  atmosphere of the English garden. Farm tables are seen in most designs these days, but add greenery, taper candles and possibly some lace, and a different style emerges. These wedding designs are as detail oriented as they come, but add in some fun flare like yard games on the lawn, or a romantic fire pit in the evening. Top it all off with a bluegrass band and some Montana mules, and you have yourself an evening to remember.

Contemporary Montana
Trendy wedding, here we come. Weddings in Montana are taking a turn for the gorgeous, minimal and beautiful. As wedding trends become simplistic and geometric in nature, Montana brides are surprising their guests with Western hospitality in a green, lush ambiance. Typically hosted at venues that invite guests to stay a while, the wedding itself is sleek and sophisticated. Contemporary weddings encompass textures including metals, marble, greenery and hand written details on materials not seen in other designs such as tiles. Geometric shapes blend naturally with the mountain peaks and strong structures. These are the most detail-intense weddings, but they stay true to a Montana way of life by inviting guests to experience the best of the West during a festive wedding weekend.

Abby Turner is owner and lead designer of Reed & Lee | Events and has designed weddings and events for over 10 years in Montana.