Creating Personality in Wedding Planning

Sunday Apr. 1st, 2018

Couples don’t necessarily dream of their perfect wedding day before they get engaged. In fact, most probably don’t even think of actually wedding planning until they get engaged, learn a little about what it takes, and then realize that the road ahead is littered with forks, bumps, signs (in the form of relatives opinions) and that they alone hold the key to get them to the wedding day.

Once a couple is in the thick of planning, suggestions come at them a mile a minute and choosing according to their hearts is difficult, to say the least. Which is why weddings end up looking very much the same from one to the other. We are drawn to familiarity, to what has been done before, that which we are accustomed to. As those of us who are fortunate to be tapped by our friends to witness their union know, weddings are…cookie cutter. There’s a ceremony in the mid-afternoon, followed by a cocktail hour, a sit-down dinner and dancing. Pretty basic. Now, most of those weddings are fun, but what if a pair of people, planning to spend the rest of their lives together, started to think outside the box? What direction might they choose, and how much fun would their guests have by coming to a wedding that is unlike one they’ve ever been to before, just because a couple chose to shake up the wedding planning jar. Here are some suggestions (yes, more of those) that will spark creativity:

Time of Day
Evenings aren’t the only time for weddings. What about a brunch wedding? Throw a brunch before the ceremony, complete with a Bloody Marry or Mimosa bar, and slide gracefully into the afternoon with friends and family. Maybe you host a crazy happy hour for any one and everyone you know, or maybe you head out on your honeymoon early. By throwing a mid-day event, you might even find that a light appetizer affair suits you better than a full dinner. Not the type for dancing? This is totally an open for you. Consider the time of day before settling on your traditional wedding.

Summer is sunny, we know, but Spring is the best time for lush florals and Fall is great for crisp air, hot drinks and blankets. Then there’s Winter, with fires, “furs,” indoor ceremonies and metallics. All season are great, and wedding professionals love non-summer weddings to stretch their seasons and try out different designs. A different season might be the ticket for a couple looking to try something new.

How a unique location could change everything. Ultimately, it all comes down to the venue. A wedding venue changes flow, timelines, amenities and acoustics. So what strikes your interest? Maybe an backyard with a tent for a brunch wedding (no dance floor needed), or a restored theatre for a fresh look. As the saying goes, “location, location, location.” It’s really true. Is there a ranch or a bed and breakfast that would work? Do you need an airport hanger for a large group? Or, is it a barn you prefer - then look at the list of amenities and choose while will fit your needs the best, and consider your budget above all else - that will really guide where you choose to have your wedding.

Regardless of the direction a couple takes their wedding planning, there are still some wedding factors that should be a part of all weddings. The most important is communication. Whether it is getting a timeline to the wedding professionals, being honest and straightforward with the bridal party, keeping all the details organized or setting realistically firm expectations with friends and family; key elements like these will help keep planning less stressful for all involved. And remember that your wedding professionals have been in the game for the long-run. They might play devil’s advocate, but they know what they’re talking about. And everyone really just wants the couple to have the best wedding possible, everyone is on the same team. It is possible to create a fun, gorgeous wedding surrounded by friends and family while creating a unique event. Surround yourself with knowledgable wedding professionals, ask for help when you need it, and don’t be afraid to try something new - you and your guests will enjoy it!   

Abby Turner is owner and lead designer of Reed & Lee | Events and has designed weddings and events for over 10 years in Montana.
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