Three Ways to Create a Cocktail Lunch to Remember

Sunday Apr. 1st, 2018

Cocktail hours have become increasingly popular as part of current wedding culture. Whether set as a beforehand mixer, or settling into the dinner hour, a cocktail menu can easily help create a desired mood for the guest. The catering team at Midtown Tavern offers three cocktail hour suggestions to inspire your menu.

MT Cooler
Looking to jumpstart your spring? Midtown’s MT Cooler will definitely help. This springtime drink is made with Gin, fresh squeezed lemons, fresh basil, and a dash of simple syrup. Just mix together, shake and dump. If you prefer a more potent flavor blast, this versatile drink works well with huckleberry, peach, and raspberry purees!

For the best results, we suggest using Bozeman Spirits’ Ruby River Gin. Named after Montana’s very own Ruby River, this gin is made with 12 different botanicals and bottled at 80 proof. We love this gin, and couldn’t think of a better companion to our festive beverage.

Bloody Mary
Everyone loves a nice brunch cocktail to complement a solid breakfast. We suggest our version of the classic bloody mary. Made with Bozeman’s very own WildRye Distillery premium vodka and Montgomery Distillery’s house made bloody mary mix, this is one proud Montana cocktail. For garnish, we stack out skewers with asparagus, onion, pepper, and an olive, then throw in a thick cut piece of bacon, lime and lemon, and a house made pickle. Make sure to salt the rim of your glass to help balance out the flavor.

Keeping it classy with a mimosa is always an appropriate option for your early wedding cocktail hour. Easy to make, and packed with flavor and bubbles, the classic mimosa will never let you down. We recommend using one part your choice of juice (Orange Juice or Grapefruit) with one part Cavit Lunetta Prosecco. This sparkling wine delivers refreshing aromas of peach and apple that fit perfectly in any mimosa variation. You’re getting hitched, so why not celebrate and pop that bottle of bubbles?

Jeff Wilcox is the marketing specialist at Midtown Tavern and 14 North, and has love for the bartending world. When he is not working, you can find him on the river or the mountain doing what he loves the most, fly fishing and skiing.