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April Cover Artist: Kyle Stinson

Saturday Apr. 1st, 2017

Kyle Stinson, a Bozeman native, loved great photos well before taking his own. When he became compelled to capture the world around him he bought a DSLR and a couple lenses second hand. They sealed the deal: Kyle was meant to be a photographer. Being self taught provided Kyle with a chance to develop his own artistic style. He learned on full manual mode so he was forced to learn the complexities of bending a camera to his artistic will. Eventually, Kyle collaborated with a few professional photographers to learn from them.

Originally, Kyle was inspired by the plethora of beautiful mountains found in the Gallatin and surrounding valleys. Due to his love of nighttime, Kyle’s greatest inspiration was the night sky. Hunting out great shots of the Milky Way, star trails, and lightening storms occupy most of his summer nights. He dreams of the night he will be able to capture the Northern Lights in their full glory.

Kyle and his wife-turned-photography-assistant have recently created a portrait business. With experience in engagement and maternity shoots, KR Photography will soon be breaking into the realm of wedding photography.

His work has been featured in Right Angles Gallery of Ennis, MT, a local bank’s calendar, and many Montana based Instagram accounts, including the ever so popular VisitMT. Kyle’s landscape photography can be viewed at, and features his portrait work. You can also follow him on Instagram @kyleofthe406 to stay up to date on the happenings of Kyle Stinson and get first looks at all his new work.