Kirsten Kainz

Saturday Apr. 2nd, 2011

Kirsten Kainz moved to the Bozeman area about six years ago from Vermont where she created sculptures from recycled metal as well. Before that she earned her BFA in Metal smithing from SIU. This current style of work evolved out of sculptural and functional blacksmithing, and her sculptural work is now focused entirely on the “repurposed” creations.
“I am fascinated with the ways of the past. When gathering metal for use in my sculptures, I seek items, which reveal an interesting past life, unique function or other various beautiful qualities. Line, texture and form are all important to the metal that I hunt for in order to create the pallet from which I sculpt.”
Kirsten is often asked how long it takes to make a piece. “I can only honestly answer that it has taken me my whole life. My artwork is a life long pursuit and my current work is the culmination of those efforts.”
Her work often requires gruesome levels of determination, focus and stamina. In the end she comes out of the tunnel of hard work to find the reward is the joy she feels for the finished product.
“It is so pleasing when other people enjoy and experience my snap shot of what I value and find beautiful in life. That shared experience is why I whole-heartedly value art.”
Kirsten’s work can be found locally at the Bozeman Public Library as part of the “Art Crossing” project. Her cow, chair and bench are all displayed at the Library. She currently has paintings on display at Beaucoup Gallery & Framing in the Emerson, and shows sculpture  at Visions West in Bozeman, Livingston and Denver, Lovett’s Gallery Tulsa, OK, Stowe Craft Gallery, Stowe, VT, and FRY Showroom in Seattle, WA.
Kirsten Kainz says of her work “I love saving cast way items from vanishing from the earth. I pull together so many individual items into a mass, which represents one thing.”
To see more of Kirsten’s work and to contact her, visit her online at